YOU might think that global warming, and the growing catalogue of endangered species doesn’t affect us in Scotland. But you’d be wrong.

Two species in particular seem to have dropped to dangerously low numbers, perhaps even approaching extinction. I am talking, of course, about the Lesser Spotted Gritter Critter.     


They come in two species: one is the Big Yellow Gritter, easily recognised by its amber flashing lights and trail of rock salt, so often seen carrying out sterling work on our icy roads in years past. The other is the smaller Pavement Gritter.


It’s the talk of the county – where ARE they? I have to say, I was beside myself with excitement during the recent Arctic cold-snap when I spotted one of these shy creatures just outside Uphall. Unfortunately, it wasn’t gritting because it was stuck in a traffic jam caused by the fact the roads hadn’t been gritted.

So, I was thinking that perhaps some enterprising wildlife photographers could set up a hide beside some of our busy country roads and attempt to snap one in its natural habitat. We could include it in next week’s blog. Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Or you could slide and slither along to your nearest old folk’s housing complex and watch all the auld yins performing spins, half-somersaults and sideways-shuffles as they try to get to the newsagents. Alternatively, you could visit A&E at St John’s Hospital to check out the increased number of sprains and fractured bones in the waiting room.

Or how about watching the sideway vehicle hill-slides around our county? Or cyclists on the Great Black Ice Hunt.You see?

Not protecting our endangered species really DOES affect us all. Of course, some might see all of this entertainment as one of the benefits of the disappearance of the pavement gritters. You decide.

That aside, I suppose it does give rise to one of the great unanswered questions: How DOES the man who drives the snowplough get to work in the morning?

Drew McAdam



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