February 19, 2009


A LITTLE BIT of courtesy will get you a long way. A little bit of rudeness, it seems, will get you even further.

The strange thing is, it generally seems to be older people, the very ones who should know better, who have discovered this. They are our “elders and betters” who were raised – so they keep telling us – to show consideration for others.

So, how come it is they who, when a door is held open for them, breeze through like a galleon in full sail without so much as a by-your-leave – let alone a simple “thank you”?     Read the rest of this entry »



February 8, 2009


THERE’S A BIT OF SNOW, and suddenly ‘ooray! the TV news teams have something to bang on and on about. And with the snow came headlines of “Arctic conditions”, “Whiteout chaos” and “Blizzard-hit-Britain”


But in case you haven’t already worked it out for yourself: it was just a wee bit of weather – not a major disaster. (During that week I drove over 1200 miles to gigs in the Staffordshire and Birmingham areas of Englandshire without my ABS kicking in even once. It was snow on the distant hills, clear roads and bright blue skies all the way.)


However, that didn’t stop our desperate newshounds hyping it up out of all proportion, making a blizzard out of a flurry.     Read the rest of this entry »


February 1, 2009


SO, I got my hands on the most recent copy of the “West Lothian Tenants News” magazine. This periodical is so highly cherished among collectors that copies have been known to create a bidding frenzy on eBay… Okay, I’m kidding. Still, it can always be recycled into something more useful – a paper party hat or hamster bedding, for example.    Read the rest of this entry »