You have to ask yourself what they are playing at, don’t you?

What we are talking about here are the post office workers who – once again – have walked out on strike, bringing misery to thousands across the county.

These days, postal workers walking out in the huff is something we’ve grown to accept as the norm.

Well, here’s something they haven’t thought of: while they are having a “grumpy” for whatever reason – and I’m really not interested in the reason – companies on the brink of failure count on the orders and the cheques arriving. Which, thanks to the humble postie, won’t be happening.

Communications from loved ones, the only contact a lot of older people have, is blocked. Single parents, who have a harder life and earn a lot less than a postal worker, are left with only coins in their purses to buy food to feed their kids.

Why? Because the money due to them is sitting in a sorting office. And God only knows when the workers, and I use the term loosely, will grudgingly sort through the backlog and eventually get round to delivering it.

Whatever their grievance might be – and let’s assume it’s justified – what is definitely not justified is their selfish, unimaginative action that hits the ordinary person. From the lonely wife or worried mother waiting for word from her loved one dodging bullets in Afghanistan, to the half-crippled business that grinds to a halt because the communication link has been severed.

As one prominent West Calder businessman pointed out: “When did their problem suddenly become my problem?”

He has a point. If I think I’m being unjustly treated, I don’t go round to my local postman’s house and disrupt his life, do I? Though the Punch a Postie campaign is growing in strength daily.

I mean, who do these glorified carrier-pigeons think they are hurting? Certainly not their managers, that’s for sure.

Little wonder that the army of posties who were once seen as the friendly, whistling face of a busy community are now regarded with about as much affection as a dose of the trots.

And why? Because they have no imagination. Besides being unable to entertain the possibility that the only folk they are hurting is their own community, their only answer is to walk out. Again. And again.

AN OPEN LETTER TO STRIKING POSTAL WORKERS: At the moment your popularity is lower than that of the expense-grabbing MPs. So, here is a way of getting the community to regard you with something approaching respect: instead of just using the wearisome and community-crushing, business-breaking tactic of walking out, why don’t you deliver the post… whether it has a stamp, or not?

That way we can still post our letters, cheques and parcels (for free). And the community will still receive payments and birthday wishes and love letters along with all the business communication we simply cannot do without.

Think about it – if it’s not too much like work – by employing this tactic you will be hurting the people you want to hurt, rather than the old, the infirm, the poor and the struggling individuals whose job is hard enough without you making it even more difficult for them.

It’s just an idea. But it’s a far better idea than the only one you can come up with at the moment.

Drew McAdam



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