Is it thoughtlessness, stupidity, or are they doing it on purpose?

I’m talking about farmers going for dawdling tractor trips on the busy roads of West Lothian at rush hour. What IS their game?

Not so long ago, I was caught behind a tractor and stretch-trailer that trundled at 5 mph – no exaggeration, I was measuring it on my GPS – the whole way from the Lizzie Bryce Roundabout in Livingston to Sighthill.

Of course, it was morning rush hour so nobody could overtake on account of the heavy traffic coming along the A71 in the opposite direction.

The crawling queue, I swear, must have snaked behind him the full 12 miles from Sighthill to the Almondvale Bridge. And did this plonker pull in at one of the many lay-bys to let the traffic past? Of course not.

There could easily have been a frantic parent trying to get a sick child to the doctors’ surgery in that queue of misery. But it’s not as though the tractor-driving twerp could have cared. He had HIS work to do.

Mind you, I once saw a tractor heaped with tatties being pulled off the Edinburgh Bypass by police at rush hour where he had been creating havoc as he dawdled along oblivious to the car park he had created behind him.

I mean, farmers pride themselves at being early risers. Can’t they do all this crawling along the road in the early hours before the real world actually has to get to work, catch flights and attend appointments?

And how would they like it if we drove into their fields at harvest time and crawled at 1mph in front of their combine harvesters mile after mile? Yes, THAT would be a different story, wouldn’t it?

Thoughtless, stupid, or doing it on purpose? Your guess is as good as mine.

Drew McAdam


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