I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams!

I received a letter – well, an email, actually – informing me that the World Governing Bodies including FBI, INTERPOL, UNO (I thought that was a card game) World Bank Group and the European Union Commission along with the Commander in Chief of Nigeria has…

Well, I don’t understand the jargon. The email is full of phrases like “adhoc committee”, approval and endorsements, outstanding beneficiaries and “diligently divert their approved payments.”

It’s all highly technical, so they obviously know what they are doing.

The central theme of the email is that I am the beneficiary of $2million. All they need from me is a processing and handling fee of $200 – along with my personal details, bank particulars and passport number so they can pay the money into my bank account.

Sounds great.

Then I thought, “Hang on a minute. This could be one of these ultra-sophisticated ploys to steal my identity.”

I’ve read a great deal about that sort of thing in the newspapers recently.

So, I gave them my details…

I must admit, it pleases me greatly that some poor sap is going to try to get into the country on a passport made out to Anna Sassin, whose occupation is as a bellybutton inspector with Argy Bargy Limited of Smellytown, North Lothian.

I suppose this means I won’t be getting my $2m though.

Drew McAdam


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