SUPPOSE you wanted to bring a country to its knees; how would you set about it?

First you would give the financial institutions who print money complete autonomy to do with it whatever they like. You would permit them to take the money they printed and pay it to themselves – as much as they like and as often as they like – preferably while bringing their customers to their knees with over excessive charges.

To really do some serious damage you might want to get the country into debt.

Not just a little bit of debt, but a debt so enormous that there’s not enough space on your calculator screen to display the mile-long string of zeros.

You might also find some excuse for a war – and then start it. In fact, you could even run two wars at the same time. Brilliant.

Then, to produce fear and dread among the populace you would allow more Big Brother cameras per head of the population than any other country, including the states run by dictators and tyrants.

And you would try as much as possible to care of the criminal and victimise the victim.

Another good ploy would be to tie as much red tape and petty legislations – with stringent penalties – around those who try to make something of their country and their community. And, rather brilliantly, this would involve an army of little grey men in little grey suits who would be paid a fortune.

You would use paperwork to produce an uphill struggle for everything from big business to the entrepreneur and from the police to the hospitals.

To pay for all this you simply tax everything and anything that moves – or doesn’t move. Get the workers to pay income tax, then pile a variety of taxes on everything they buy! Then keep taxing. And taxing.

Add to this a sophisticated way to rob people of their savings and wipe out their pensions. Ingenious.

If you wanted to destroy a country – actually set out to intentionally bring a country to the point of utter destruction – it would take intelligent design and planning. Something like that couldn’t just happen; it would take hard work.

Yet our potty politicians have managed to get us to that point.

Makes you wonder about the loyalty and devotion of those whose hands are on the rein, does it not?

Drew McAdam



  1. Your insight into the realities of modern politics is positively frightening!

  2. drewsmuse says:

    Reply: finger on the pulse, mate… and I can’t feel anything.

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