ON a recent trip up North I was delighted to see that the local authorities have started erecting signs in both Gaelic and English.

I have now discovered that following a sign pointing to “Meadhan a’ Bhailr” will take you to the Town Centre. Other signs include “Steisean”, which is the station. You could probably work out that “Raon Goilf” is the golf course.

It’s all rather quaint. I don’t speak Gaelic, but it’s nice to see.

And it got me thinking… We could have signs here, in our own county, in both English and in West Lothianese directing tourists to our visitor attractions.

Public toilets would be: “Ra Cludgie”. And the police station would have a sign which says “Polis Shoap”

There could also be signs directing travellers to places where they could partake of liquid refreshment. Those signs would read “Boozer”.

Road signs pointing the way to the Dogs Trust Rescue Centre would read “Dugshame”. Sounds good, that.

West Lothian Recycling Centre would have signage which reads “Ra Dump”, while you would find Addiewell Prison by following signs that say “Pokey”.

And of course, Almondavale Stadium could be pointed out by sings which read “Fitba’ Grund”.

Meanwhile, for those who are reading this and understand the lingo; do you not agree that “Livvytoonsenta” sounds rather exotic?

Drew McAdam


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