Wow – what a scorcher. West Lothian has had some beautiful sunny days recently with thermometers threatening to pop their tops.

Of course, weather forecasters didn’t see it coming. They never do.

Recently, I was watching the weather channel at 8am in the morning – don’t ask, I just was, right? – and the weather girl informed me that there was heavy showers and overcast skies at that moment across central Scotland. Except, that wasn’t the case. The sun was splitting the trees.

The question that sprung to mind was, if they can’t report the weather correctly as it is at the moment, what hope do they have for forecasting what it’s going to be? And another thing; why didn’t they phone me, ask me to pop my head out the window, and report back with the present conditions?

I recall that a few years ago some students managed to forecast the weather over a long period of time with greater accuracy than the professionals. Asked how they were so precise in their forecast they revealed that they had merely predicted that the next day’s conditions would be exactly the same as they were that day.

A tad embarrassing, that!

However, if you want to forecast the weather even more accurately for the West Lothian area, I suggest we follow the advice of one local farmer who told me to simply look towards the Bathgate Hills.

If you can see them clearly, it’s going to rain. If you CAN’T see them clearly… it’s already raining.

Using that system we can safely disband the Met Office and save the country millions.

Drew McAdam


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