Somebody, help me, please! I’ve always used my computer for work; writing this column, and so on. Admittedly, I would occasionally play a game on it. Something simple like minesweeper or patience. But in the main it was just a big, fancy typewriter.

However, I was recently given a loan of a PlayStation 3. It took me a little while to get the hang of the controller, what with its weird symbol buttons and triggers. But I persisted with it and found that I rather enjoyed the excitement of blowing things up and shooting the baddies. And the graphics are incredible; almost 3D.

So I bought one. Me, grumpy ol’ granddad, bought a PS3.

Now I can’t get any work done. I have become obsessed by the thing. I’ve played everything from “Brothers in Arms” to “Resistance”. Shoot ‘em ups, driving games, adventures… I’ll play everything and anything. And I’ll play then till 3am. All I need is my controller and a constant supply of coffee.

I have become one of the video game geeks that I used to look down my nose at. I’m not interested in radio, music or television any more. Why should I? I can go off into some future weirdo world and blast things out of existence. And that’s much more exciting than Big Brother. Mind you, so is counting lamp posts.

But now I realise I need help. I need to join some sort of association like Game Addicts Anonymous or something. IS there such a thing? Mind you, if it involves people coming round to my house and trying to wrestle the little black controller from my grip they will have a fight on their hands!

So, enough of this nonsense… I’m away back to my games consol. Hope to see you next week! Reload last checkpoint…

Drew McAdam



  1. Susan Broadfoot says:

    Drew, you should not be wasting your amazing brain on such pointless drivel! I have only just today discovered your Mindplay performances and have taken a peek. You are incredible. I don’t know how you do that and I don’t want to know. Utterly unbelievable. Please don’t become addicted to those games. What a waste of brilliant talent!

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