Every month, I send out a newsletter. A few months ag, I put forward my Theory of The Secret of Life. There was more feedback to that piece than anything I had written before or since. So, I thought I might share it with you.

But first, let me explain: my life is wonderful, it really is. I’m a very lucky little mind reader.

I’ve never had any real ambition – an attitude which was always perceived as a negative trait. Financial aspiration was never a driving force in my life.

I’ve been too busy having fun. You see, I reckon life is an adventure; or at least it should be. Certainly, I’ve been involved in all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Over the years I’ve performed alongside some of the most talented people ever to have graced a stage. I’ve travelled all over the world, from the Caribbean to Mainland Europe and from the US to Africa – this month I’m off to perform four gigs in Russia.

I’ve been down in a submarine, up in a hot air balloon. Swum with sharks and met most of my boyhood heroes, from pop stars to astronauts – I’ve even become friends with many of them. I’ve had the good fortune to meet some of the most remarkable people on the face of the planet.

Then there’s been the radio and television work – I was even once in a film with Brian Blessed and Oliver Reed. I mean, how cool is that?

The list goes on and on… But where does all that come from? It can’t just be luck, surely. And it has nothing to do with intelligence or good looks; that’s for sure!

Well, I’ve been thinking about it recently, and I recalled a time many years ago when I looked at my new school timetable and realised that the Tuesday and the Wednesday consisted of exactly the same classes at exactly the same time on both days. In that moment it struck me like a blow to the head that the Tuesday would be fine… but what was the point of exactly duplicating it the following day? What possible point could there be to living a carbon copy 24-hours?

It was madness. I might as well not have lived that day – and every day is incredibly precious; we have a strictly limited number of them, and they are steadily decreasing in number.

I promised myself that from that day on I would do something – anything – that was unique and exclusive to every 24-hour period. It didn’t matter what it was, how insignificant it was, as long as it marked that day out as being different.

It’s this questionable attitude that gets me into these really weird situations – and leads to such fabulous experiences. “The answer is ‘Yes’. What’s the question?”

Could I be more fulfilled? I doubt it very much.

So, the next time you have the opportunity to do something “different” – something new, an activity you’ve never even considered before – don’t even think about it; just say “yes”, as a child would, before the cynical adult in you has the chance to weigh up the pros and cons.

I guarantee that the experience will lead to two more “different” things, and those will lead to even more… Before you know it you can hardly keep up, and every day will be a fun-packed adventure. Every single day will be an exciting bookmark in your life.

Nobody on their deathbed ever lamented that they had done TOO MUCH with their life.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Isn’t THAT the secret of life?

I rather think it is.

Drew McAdam


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