The Welcome to Scotland brochure is a fabulous publication. A map of Scotland is included, with highlighted numbers denoting each location worth visiting, and directing the reader to the advert for that attraction.

A visitor to Scotland can easily locate dozens of interesting and historic attractions from John o’ Groats to Gretna. There’s everything from castles to distilleries, and from monuments to activity centres. Wildlife parks, the camera obscura, museums… they’re all there.

In the north there’s a ferry service to watch marine wildlife. In the south, Trike Tours. In the west you can visit The Museum of Ayrshire Country Life, and in the east there is the Secret Bunker.

Of course, I wondered what the recommended tourist attractions in West Lothian might be. There was one number: 39, right beside the M8.

Was it Hopetoun House or Cairnpapple? No. Was it Almond Valley or Linlithgow Palace? ‘Fraid not. Not one heritage site mentioned. No ancient locations discussed. No glowing hyperbole advertising our wildlife or play-areas… nothing.

Instead, there was a little advert that mentions “central location” and “close proximity to Glasgow and Edinburgh…” The point it’s trying to make – I think – is that it’s easy to get to West Lothian. But when I showed it to a number of people they took the message to be that West Lothian is a great place to leave from if you want to get to somewhere interesting!

As a founding member of the Association of British Copywriters (ABC), I have to wonder… Well, I just have to wonder.

West Lothian: a great place to pass through.

Frankly, I think we have more to offer than that. Don’t you?

Drew McAdam


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