I have the best job in the world, I really do. Over recent months I’ve worked with some amazing people including Bobby Davro (hilarious), Rory Bremner (a gentlerman) and Barry Cryer (hilarious AND a gentleman.)

My work has brought me into contact with everybody from Buzz Aldrin to Andrea Bocelli. And, tell me, what other job do you get to hang with Atomic Kitten? Purrrrr.

When I left school I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life. I would have thought a job that took me all over the world, performing on TV and radio and meeting my heroes was well outside my grasp. I was incredibly lucky, however.

But I have to admit that there’s one thing I miss terribly: contact with workmates. I did actually work in an office environment for a few short weeks, but I hated it. Too regimented and constricting for me, thank you very much.

But, ah, the people! The workmates. My, how I miss them now.

I love being part of a team, and not just the short period where I worked in an office, but when I was in the forces, and working as a retained firefighter in West Calder. There’s nothing more wonderful than the camaraderie of your workmates: the personalities, the jokes, the stories, the laughter and the mutual support. I really miss that team spirit.

There are short bursts when I appear on “The Hour”, I suppose. It’s quick and it’s intense. I have no idea what the studio manager is doing, or makeup, or the production team. Sound engineer and the army of techies? Haven’t a clue. But I love every minute of it, because it’s a team thing. I’m with workmates. We’re all pulling together to achieve something remarkable.

It’s like we’re a little colony of insects, working away to a single end. It’s fun and it’s hi-energy and it brings a real feeling of closeness and satisfaction. Then, suddenly, I’m in the studio carpark… and solitude.

So, if you’re working in an office and wondering what it would be like living your life on the road, travelling to different places, meeting new people every day… just take a moment to consider how much you would miss your workmates. The people you work alongside day in and day out. They are the closest thing you have to family.

Go on – cuddle a colleague. You KNOW you’d miss them!

Drew McAdam


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