I’m a sucker for reading the latest research; everything from health fads to education systems. Usually, it’s depressing stuff, but a recent study brought a great big grin to my face.

It’s generally accepted that the best years of our lives were when we were in our teens and twenties. It was all fun and frolics – at least that’s how we remember it. But recent research demonstrates that the average 50-year old is having a great deal more fun, is much happier, and has a better social life than most individuals half their age.

Statistics clearly show that the nifty-fifties spend more time with their friends, enjoy evenings out and travel further than those in their twenties.

The results of a questionnaire show that over half of those in their fifties focus on getting the most out of life, compared with a third of the twenty-somethings. I have to say, recent events have convinced me of this.

I recently caught up with some old school chums who are planning a school reunion. Boy, they know what they’re doing. This isn’t just going to be a buffet-and-blether evening at the old school hall. That would be far too tame.

Instead, it’s going to be a three-day event that includes picnics, meals, pitch-and-putt, hotels and a pub crawl in the old town. It’s going to be a wild, wacky weekend, planned by the middle-aged for the middle aged. These people have never grown up.

Sure, there will be less hair and more pairs of glasses than before. But it’s not just the midriffs that are bulging – so are the wallets, unlike when they were twenty. The young ‘uns won’t be able to keep up. I guarantee it.

Some of my old classmates are flying in from as far away as the US and Australia. So, while the twenty-somethings are struggling under the stress and demands of their jobs, we will be setting an exuberant, break-neck pace.

Fifty is fabby, and no mistake.

Drew McAdam


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