I believe in angels… There, I said it. In fact much of the time I wear a little angel pendant as a reminder.

Now, believe it or not, you can go on a “Guardian Angel Retreat” at a famous, swanky hotel. The claim is that angels are all around us and can help with health, relationships, protection and abundance… angels help us be greedy and gather wealth?

Anyway, at this retreat you can meet your guardian angel and be told what their name is. How embarrassing if your angel turns out to be something like “Alec” or “Boab”.

 You can receive angel colour healing, learn how to get messages using angel oracle cards – whatever they are – and receive personal channelled messages. You can also experience “Guardian Angel Attunement”. Oh, and you even get a complimentary crystal and magazine.

Wouzah! What a bargain at only – get this – almost £500.

Okay, so it’s not my job to interfere with the beliefs of others. If you have a spare wad of cash, and too much time on your hands, then maybe it’s for you. But let me tell you this: there really are angels all around us. But I’m not talking of the winged beings in white aprons; no, I’m talking about real angels.

These are individuals who give up their time to care for the elderly, the sick and the vulnerable with care and compassion. These are the caring doctors and nurses. These are the people who work in counter-terrorism agencies and put their own lives on the line to protect us and keep us safe.

Lifeboatmen, Firemen, policemen, ambulance drivers, mountain rescue teams; when your life is in peril, you call for an angel. The angels I’m talking about are the organ donors and blood donors.

People who protect the children. People who protect the animals. People who protect the environment. And these angels do it because they feel moved to do it. Not for reward in terms of finance or praise. They do it because they are compelled to do it.

The original meaning of the word angel is “messenger”. Just think, how many people in your life have brought you a message of comfort when you needed it most? A message of hope when you were at your lowest? How many people have said exactly the right thing at exactly the right moment and made a huge difference in your life?

Yes, angels are all around us. One might be sitting next to you on the bus, or standing in the same queue at the supermarket. You might even be an angel yourself.

The angel is the perfect motif, reminding us to carry out random acts of kindness.

Like I said: I believe in angels. I know because I’ve met a few… and not at some posh hotel.

Drew McAdam


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