Do you remember when postmen were part of the community? Every householder knew them by name. They always had time for a quick chat and would check up on the old ‘uns. Ah, those were the days.

Well, thank goodness we’ve still got at least one left. Okay, he was only “filling in” for a couple of weeks. But what a difference.

At The Workspace in West Calder the new postie happened to get chatting to one of the business people; he had worked out that it’s important for businesses to get their post as early as possible, and wondered if it would be helpful if he rearranged things to ensure a more prompt delivery.

Well, yes. Until then, post was arriving well after the sun was high in the sky – sometimes about to set.

All of a sudden, there was an early delivery each morning. In fact, he even pops his head in the door to let people know there is no post for them that day. It’s like a return to the good old days.

But, hang on… A little bit of research and I discovered that he used to deliver to the houses in another village. The cheerful postie; he always had time for a chat, and would call in to make sure the senior citizens in the street weren’t in need of anything.

So, when the Mighty Royal Mail in their infinite wisdom decided to move him to another area there was uproar. Such was the impression he made on the community that the locals even presented his bosses with a petition pleading with them to change their minds. All to no avail.

And yet here he is, years later, still giving sterling service. But you have to ask yourself why.

Here’s somebody who does more for Royal Mail customer relations, and promoting the friendly face of the Royal Mail, than their whole PR department. Any company worth its salt recognises the strengths of its employees… he should be running the training department; at the very least.

Come on, Royal Mail, you know who I’m talking about. Time to recognise the talent in your ranks.

Drew McAdam


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