It’s what many people have been waiting for. Pills that reduce your facial wrinkles. Yes, an anti-wrinkle pill.

Trials have shown that the collagen-boosting pills reduce the wrinkles of women who take the pills three times a day. And after 14 weeks of pill-popping, the women showed an average 10% reduction in the depth of their crow’s feet wrinkles.

Now, 10% is not a lot. But to many women I can imagine it means a great deal.

As The Interrogator on the Trisha Goddard Show, much of my success was down to being able to tell when somebody was genuinely happy about something – and when they were faking the smile. Here’s a wee tip for you. If somebody smiles, and the eyes lift, producing crow’s feet, then it’s a genuine smile. If they smile with only their lips, they’re are faking it.

For the technical among you, a smile that lifts the corner of the mouth uses the zygomatic major muscle. Meanwhile, a genuine smile uses not only this muscle group, but also the orbicularisoculi muscle, which raises the corners of the eyes and forms crow’s feet.

The fake smile is also known as the PanAm smile, named after the airline company whose flight stewardesses flashed the same perfunctory smile to each and every departing passenger. Can you imagine a world with no “crow’s feet”. A world with no laughter lines?

Well,while performing in St Petersburg, Russia, I pointed out to some of the guests that the inhabitants don’t have laughter lines. To smile there suggests that you are a wee bit soft in the head. Remember, they suffered horrendous hardships under Stalin and the murderous Nazi siege. In truth, they haven’t had a lot to laugh about over the years. Hence, no crow’s feet.

Attractive? I don’t think so.

Let me tell you this, ladies. Laughter lines and twinkling eyes are attractive. It’s something of which you should be proud. It denotes the fact that you have a lot to smile about; that you laugh often and readily.

And that, despite what the pill manufacturers might try to convince you, is far more attractive than a pasted on, fake smile.

Drew McAdam


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