When growing up, I regularly raided the library for books dealing with weird and wonderful events from around the world. Ghosts, poltergeists, telepathy, UFOs and monsters.

But one thing that always caught my imagination were the stories of strange objects that fell from the skies. There are numerous documented accounts of weird rains reported from all over the world. Showers of fish, frogs, golf balls, worms and ancient currency have fallen from the sky here and there. In Argentina recently, a hill walker managed to photograph a deluge of thousands of spiders tumbling from a clear sky.

In the autumn of 2009 deposits of a weird “Star Jelly” were found scattered across the hills and mountains. Nobody knows what it is, but it’s reported that the substance only appears in areas where a meteorite has fallen to earth.

All very strange. But now, in West Lothian, we have unusual objects appearing in our towns and villages. Start looking for them, and you will find them everywhere. Very peculiar, this.

I am talking about those weird, red rubber bands. Now that I’ve started looking, I’ve found them on the road, in the gutter, outsides shops – always near housing. Have you noticed them yet?

They look like wristbands – perhaps they ARE alien wrist bands – made of a bizarre, red, smooth, stretchy material. Red in colour, almost the same colour as a Royal Mail van, or pillar box.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the pavement may be clear one day, but next morning they are back – these strange alien artefacts. Perhaps they just materialise there. But – and this is very odd – they never appear on a Sunday!

So, are they being deposited as gifts from passing UFOs? Are they being scooped up by a waterspout from a boat somewhere and then carried miles to be dropped across the county? I mean, there must be around 10 of these rubber bands in my street alone. (I even found one in my garden the other day!) If you multiply that by the number of streets in West Lothian, then it’s … well, a lot. An awful lot!

I would suggest that Government bodies and research committees should be brought in at massive public expense to get to the bottom of this bewildering mystery – the amazing appearing red rubber bands.

Theories, anybody?


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