On a long journey back from a performance Down South this week I was overtaken by a little car which had a big sticker across the back. All it said was: “Dare to Dream”.

And that got me thinking. I still have a couple of my old primary school report cards. They were always the same (Could do better). Good at English, Art and Nature Study. Then there was the usual, and oft-repeated, comment: “Drew is a dreamer”.

Huh! It was regarded as a bad thing. Being a dreamer meant you were wasting your time when you should have been concentrating on the main scholarly activities of reading, writing and arithmetic. But now I’m not so sure, because it is in dreams that reality is conceived. It is by dreaming that the future is visualised and then created. Without the initial reverie there can be no aspiration or ambition. Being seen as a dreamer should be a good thing!

This weekend I met up with a good friend of mine at a marina at Loch Lomond. He had long dreamed of having his own boat; and I don’t mean a little rowing boat, I mean a beautiful, streamlined cruiser. And now he has it.

When he bought it, though, it was a damp and rotten hulk. But he had his dream, and he worked on it for months to transform it into something that shines out like a beacon among all the other boats. His dream is now reality.

Just one line on that sticker “Dare to Dream”. What a great message. It’s something we should be teaching our kids, that to dream is a good thing. That to let your imagination chase something you want out of life, whether that be a great job, vibrant health, an interesting and fulfilling life… it all starts in the realms of the imagination. In your dreams.

I’m not talking about being a fantasist, but rather the dreams of the visionary, the idealist, the creative thinker. And why not? If you can conceive it in your mind, and you believe it in your heart, you can achieve it in reality.

“Dare to Dream”. It’s something we should all aspire to – who knows where it might lead?

“You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us…” Imagine.

Drew McAdam


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