For some reason it seems that every “life coach” and “spiritual trainer” in the country wants me as a Facebook friend. Maybe I need coaching in Life, I don’t know.

I’m sure they all mean well. Just as I’m sure they all have a healthy academic background in psychological processes – a degree or a doctorate at the very least. Surely they wouldn’t charge money for offering advice in how to live your life if they’ve only read about these techniques without appreciating the ramifications of providing a half-cock treatment. It may all seem like a mishmash of quack theory and techniques, but I’m sure it’s not.

Admittedly, I’m probably the wrong person to receive their motivational phrases and slices of pithy advice. You see, I pride myself on having a flippant attitude to just about everything. In fact, if I was a Spiritual Coach my main mantra would be: don’t treat life too seriously – you’ll never get out alive.

And that’s why I delight in responding to their guidance and counsel.

A recent one was: “Success is doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want as often as you want.”

The response I posted to this was: “And that, Your Honour, is the case for the defence.”

Another spiritual-life coach person posted: “Dare to live the dream.”

I replied that I was taking their advice on board, and fully intended going in to work naked.

Another life coach posted: “Nothing is Impossible.”

Oh, really? Try licking your own elbow in that case.

Another was: “Treat someone to something unexpected.”

I replied: “BOO!”

Yet another posting from an advice-giver was: “Think that you can’t do it? Be more positive!”

I replied: “Okay… I’m POSITIVE I can’t do it.”

As is often the case with quackery and woo-woo, the best way to deal with it is to gently poke fun at it.

I like to think I’m doing my bit.

Drew McAdam


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