I spotted a sign on a commercial van that stated: “This vehicle is limited to 70mph. Helping save the environment.”

For one thing, it shouldn’t be travelling faster than 70mph – that’s the upper speed limit.

That aside, consider the mass of gas guzzling SUVs in America. Add to this the thousands of factories in China belching toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Limiting the speed of one van isn’t going to make the tiniest difference.

The world has survived for billions of years. To think that it needs “saving” by puny humans is arrogant in the extreme.

If all the insects vanished overnight, the world would be a moon within 50 years. If all the humans vanished overnight, the Earth would prosper. It would become a flourishing paradise of clean air, rich life forms and crystal water.

In other words, as a species we humans are the very definition of the word “parasites”, a particularly virulent virus.

Limiting the speed of a van is never going to change that.

Sad but true.

Drew McAdam


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